Expert Warns of Saboteurs Sneakily Crossing the Border

Gordon Chang, a foreign policy expert at the Gatestone Institute, is expressing concern about the rising number of unauthorized Chinese individuals entering the United States through the southern border. He highlights cases of groups of young Chinese men, who appear to be of military age, intentionally pretending not to speak English and traveling without family members. These individuals cross the border and subsequently vanish after being processed by Border Patrol agents.

According to Border Patrol, there were over 200,000 encounters between their agents and illegal immigrants in May, with approximately 10,000 Chinese nationals apprehended in the past year alone. This marks a significant increase of more than 300 percent compared to the previous year. Gordon Chang views this upward trend as deeply unsettling.

Chang argues that the Biden administration fails to comprehend the internal and domestic challenges faced by President Xi Jinping. While the administration aims for peace and collaboration with China, it mistakenly assumes that the Chinese government shares the same objective.

Chang criticizes the recent visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to meet President Xi Jinping, viewing it as a display of weakness during a critical period. According to Chang, this gesture of extending cooperation does not align with the current circumstances.

Chang suggests that Xi Jinping might perceive the need to engage in war as a means to unite the Chinese population. In this context, the influx of a significant number of illegal Chinese immigrants crossing the US border could potentially serve as a prelude to large-scale sabotage if Xi Jinping were to declare war.

According to Chang, given this situation, the United States should not be enhancing cooperation with the Chinese government. Instead, it should clearly convey that any acts of aggression will lead to severe, stringent, and destabilizing consequences for China.




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