Entire City Ordered To Shelter In Place As Hazardous Materials Burn

As hazardous chemicals burnt at Minnesota Valley Irrigation, the whole city of Wadena was placed under a shelter-in-place order.

After the Wadena Fire Department issued a warning for all inhabitants in the Minnesota community to stay inside while the fire burned, the structure was declared a complete loss.

Around 6.20 p.m. local time, the shelter in place was removed. The fire started about 3 p.m. local time.

According to the Wadena Fire Department, emergency personnel on the site were momentarily evacuated at 6 p.m. due to a tornado warning and took sanctuary at the Wadena County Courthouse.

The structure was judged a total loss when firefighters returned to the scene.

The Wadena Police Department issued a message on Facebook admitting the fire and the shelter-in-place order.

Residents are being asked to shelter in place since the cloud of smoke is not unsafe to breathe in. They advise closing the windows and turning off the air conditioning.

They’re also advising everyone to stay away from the area since emergency vehicles are congested. Anyone who needs to seek refuge can do so in the FEMA Gym.

A severe thunderstorm warning is now in effect. Residents will be kept informed by the Wadena Police Department, Fire Department, and Wadena County Sheriff’s Office.

Residents in need of refuge were advised to go to the safe room at Wadena-Deer Creek High School. They are advised to stay away from the fire while responders are on the site.

The fire is still being investigated.

A tornado struck Alexandria, Minnesota early today, causing severe damage, according to reports.




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