Enormous California Home Depot Fire Visible From Outer Space

On Saturday evening, California firemen were battling a large wildfire at a San José Home Depot that could be seen from space.

Residents were warned to stay away from the business district in the city’s southern half as the fire service battled the five-alarm fire, according to officials.

There were no injuries recorded as a result of the incident. It was difficult to pinpoint when or how it began.

“If you live/work in the area of this fire on [Blossom Hill] and smell smoke, we recommend that you shelter in place. Close all doors and windows to minimize smoke from getting inside,” the SDFD said in a Twitter post.

Authorities said a pet hospital in the neighborhood had been evacuated, and a meeting site had been set up for owners to pick up their sick animals. The agency advised that residents in the El Lisa Drive neighborhood should continue to stay in place due to drift smoke. They claim that the hazardous team members have assessed the air quality to be unsafe, and that it will be revisited in the morning.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration manages geostationary operational environmental satellites, which are used to track weather occurrences and aid forecasting and research.

“The Home Depot is pretty much a total loss,” said SJPD battalion chief Brad Cloutier. “The roof is pretty much collapsed off the entire structure, so it’s going to take some time to get in there if we even can- if it’s going to be safe for our folks to get in there.”

The fire department tweeted, “Fire is still burning and emitting little smoke.” “Those in the path of the smoke should remain indoors with windows and doors closed.”




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