Elon Sends Leftist into Melt Down Mode with Huge Announcement

Elon maintains relying on Twitter’s power to offer monumental fact-checks against the dishonest corporate media establishment. This time, it was personal since the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, published what has been called an attack piece on Musk’s apparent lack of genius and other absurd stories from publications like Axios that purported to cover Musk’s legacy.

Rarely fazed, Musk reacts in a way that must increase the gatekeepers of the ruling class’s already high level of concern.

“The legacy media should worry about its reputation. We have only just begun,” Musk said.

Since the outset, Musk’s willingness to upend the cozy system of narrative control from within the all-too-comfortable alliance between Silicon Valley and Washington, DC, has been the main source of worry. Musk’s attempt to purchase Twitter sparked an immediate outcry, which was a clear indication that people were uneasy.

Musk began publishing the Twitter Files, and it is now believed that the revelation of cooperation between the F.B.I. and Big Tech is simply the tip of the iceberg.

The self-appointed power players obviously couldn’t handle that, so they tried to respond with slander and hatred. Musk’s image as having the “Midas touch,” as the Washington Post reported – citing an anonymous source, no less – is currently eroding. Or at least that’s what we’re told.

According to The Post, “Musk has built his reputation on having a Midas touch with the companies he runs — something many investors and experts thought he would bring to Twitter when he purchased it for $44 billion in October, paying nearly twice as much as it was worth by some analyst estimates. He is known for sleeping on the factory floor at Tesla, demanding long hours and quick turnarounds from his workers. He is seen as an engineering genius, propelling promises of cars that can drive themselves and rockets that can take humans to Mars.”

“But that image is unraveling. Some Twitter employees who worked with Musk are doubtful his management style will allow him to turn the company around. And some investors in Tesla, by far the biggest source of his wealth, have begun to see him as a liability. Musk’s distraction has prompted questions about leadership of SpaceX as well, though it is much less reliant on his active involvement. Meanwhile, Neuralink and Boring Co., two companies he founded, continue to lag on promises.”

“Instead of focusing on plans to make the site a competitor to YouTube with video and rolling out other new features that will earn revenue, he instead got sucked into the culture wars, the people said. That took the form of the Twitter Files, an examination by some journalists of many of the company’s actions before Musk’s arrival, such as the blocking of a New York Post story that dug into the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the ban on former president Donald Trump.”




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