Dozens of Trump Allies Raided or Served Subpoenas by FBI

The New York Attorney General’s office indicted Steve Bannon on Thursday in connection with allegations involving the “We Build the Wall” initiative.

But when Bannon went on the Charlie Kirk show on Friday, he said some unsettling things regarding the FBI’s actions against Trump loyalists under the direction of Biden. Bannon stated there were “35 FBI raids” on prominent MAGA/Trump associates, claiming that we could see from Biden’s “demonic” anti-MAGA speech that this was the “primal scream” of a “dying regime.”

According to Bannon, there are numerous efforts being made to financially ruin or remove people from public platforms. Screw them,” said Bannon. This is all about intimidation through financial terrorism and “lawfare,” Bannon stated, but it’s unclear who he’s referring to here because this hasn’t received any meaningful press. He added that a new grand jury was being assembled in relation to January 6. According to Bannon, the FBI is using intimidation because they are aware that they are losing. He referred to them as the Gestapo.

Attorney for the first amendment Harmeet Dhillon acknowledged knowledge of at least some of these cases.

With Tucker Carlson, Dhillon made an appearance. She mentioned that a reporter had contacted her and inquired about whether or not 50 persons had received subpoenas or search warrants. Dhillon told Tucker Carlson that three of her clients had received search warrants or subpoenas, one of whom had their phone taken away. Any conversations from October 2020—one month before the election—through February 2021 were subject to sweeping federal grand jury subpoenas. Communications concerning certification, election fraud, alternate electors, anything connected to the rally that preceded the disturbance on January 6, and any communications relating to the Save America PAC were also the subjects of the subpoenas.

It will be challenging to argue that the Biden Administration’s tremendous escalation isn’t an attempt to target and silence political rivals. This would be tremendously out of control and comparable to Stalinist regimes attempting to crush any opposition to their authority. This presents a variety of First Amendment issues, as Dhillon pointed out. The fact that the DOJ is informing reporters about these search warrants and subpoenas even before they are carried out was also brought up by the speaker as being unlawful. She claimed that she believed this was being done to make people fearful just before an election so they wouldn’t challenge anything. She referred to it as abuse by the DOJ and argued that their leak was unlawful.




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