Dog Chased By Gorillas After Wandering Into Zoo Enclosure

The instant a stray dog came into the gorilla cage at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, a crowd of tourists went wild over the accompanying monkey business, dramatic footage was taken.

Staff and customers were astonished to discover a dog inside the gorilla enclosure and phoned the San Diego Humane Society for assistance, according to the San Diego Humane Society’s Facebook page.

The stray dog is said to have gone into the park on his own and entered the habitat before being discovered.

Fortunately, Zoo workers were able to separate the gorillas and bring the puppy to safety while three of our Humane Officers leashed him.

“Mighty Joe Young” is the appellation given to the male shepherd.

Desteniey Pickett, a park visitor, claimed her family saw the dog racing around in a panic as the creature chased it around the enclosure.

Some tourists requested assistance, while others screamed one gorilla’s name in an attempt to divert it from the canine intruder, she claimed.

Robert Roles, another tourist, recorded the frantic situation on camera, which shows park personnel attempting to manage the two gorillas.

“They just started chasing him down, which was quite nerve-wracking.” The zoo workers arrived in force, and we were essentially thrown out.”

The gorillas were eventually coaxed to another portion of the enclosure, and the dog was rescued by the San Diego Humane Society.

Samantha Clark, a member of the group, told the news site that she spoke to the dog in a calm, pleasant tone.

Three dogs were reported to be wandering loose around the park, according to Nina Thompson of the Humane Society. It was unclear how the dog gained access to the enclosure.

Thompson stated that he will be held for four days to allow a potential owner to claim him before being placed for adoption.




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