Disney Shareholder Urges the Company to Stay Away From Politics

Politics now is more contentious than it has ever been in many aspects. Red states are becoming more red and blue states are becoming more blue, resulting in two very distinct Americas.

Different approaches to COVID, it goes without saying, have exacerbated political tensions that were already widening.

Despite how tense politics have become in this country, some businesses continue to choose sides. Well-known corporations frequently adopt and promote left-wing politics.

Disney is one of these businesses. One of Disney’s shareholders is asking for a stop to the company’s political involvement in light of its political grandstanding.

One of Disney’s stockholders, Ray Keating, has stated that the firm needs to reconsider its political activity.

Conversely, Keating advises that Disney would be better off focused on storytelling, which is how the corporation grew to be the powerhouse it is today. In a similar vein, Keating asked Disney to avoid pandering to far-left radicals.

These words of caution from one of Disney’s stockholders arrive at a critical juncture. The corporation has previously indicated that 50 percent of its material would be linked to LGBTQ+ issues in the future.

Many parents have threatened to boycott the brand as a result of this. Similarly, The Daily Wire is releasing alternative children’s programming that does not promote sex or gender politics.

Disney has also dug itself a hole by opposing a new Florida legislation that prevents children in kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade from learning about transgenderism and other challenging gender and sex issues.

Time will tell if Disney is in a position to repair the harm it has already caused. It may already be too late; yet, if Disney listens to its stockholders and ceases its political involvement, the corporation may still have a chance.




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