Did Nancy Pelosi Just Elbow New Hispanic GOP Congresswoman’s Daughter

Less than two weeks ago, Mayra Flores scored an unexpected win in Texas, turning around a House seat that had been controlled by Democrats for more than a century. The seat with an 84 percent Hispanic population added to the mounting evidence that the GOP will see a historic change in November.

Nancy Pelosi was seated close to one of Mayra Flores’ kids when she was sworn in. Pelosi, though, apparently didn’t appreciate how near she got and pushed her away with her elbow.

You really can’t come up with an explanation for Pelosi’s actions that doesn’t make her appear awful, even after seeing the video several times.

Did she object to being touched by Flores’ daughter? If so, why not? Perhaps Pelosi has a secret fear of germs?

Or is it just because Pelosi dislikes children? That wouldn’t be unexpected considering her support for abortion up until birth, a stance she has just reaffirmed in light of the Roe v. Wade decision. But she is a devoted Catholic.

We think it amusing that Flores’ daughter didn’t back down and immediately leaned back against Pelosi after being shoved away. Simply put: respect.

The newly elected representative said, “I saw it afterwards and yes I was very disappointed and very disgusted by it. No child should be pushed aside for a photo.”

According to Pelosi’s supporters, the youngster can be seen swaying on her feet while the San Francisco Democrat moves her arm in front of her rather than elbowing the child.

Drew Hamill, a spokesperson for Pelosi, refuted Flores’ claim and stated that the Speaker was really working to keep the child in the photo.




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