DeSantis Admin Confirms They Sent Migrants To CA

According to reports, the Florida state government and Governor Ron DeSantis have been confirmed as the entities responsible for arranging transportation for a group of South Americans to California. A representative from Florida’s emergency department stated that the relocation of migrants to Sacramento, California was claimed to be voluntary on the part of the migrants.

Allegedly, the DeSantis administration transported migrants from Latin America and dropped them off in front of a religious institution in Sacramento, California. Florida organized two separate flights to California, where migrants were initially collected in Florida and then flown across the country. Ultimately, the migrants were left in front of a Catholic church. They were flown to the destination, provided with meals at the airport, and then transferred to the church.

According to reports, a social worker employed by Sacramento County informed journalists that civil service personnel would be dispatched to the location to provide assistance to the individuals left at the church. As the migrants arrived in California with documentation from the Florida government, the local California government has expressed anger. Governor Gavin Newsom of California has now issued a threat to pursue kidnapping charges against Governor DeSantis, labeling it as a case of state-sanctioned kidnapping.

Governor Newsom took to Twitter to express his criticism of Governor DeSantis, referring to him as a petty and insignificant individual. He also cited a specific provision in the California penal code, which states that anyone who forcefully or deceitfully transports a person from California to another jurisdiction is legally liable for kidnapping. This law is applicable to individuals residing outside the state who are found to have engaged in such activities involving the transportation of individuals to or from California.

At the time of this report, Governor DeSantis chose not to comment on the allegations and the demand for kidnapping charges made by Governor Newsom.

Over the past few months, DeSantis has experienced a decline in his popularity ratings, including within his own state of Florida. Critics have accused him of neglecting the needs of Floridians in favor of advancing his own political aspirations. Despite these challenges, the Florida Governor remains committed to promoting his agenda and pursuing his candidacy for the presidential election in 2024.




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