Deported Illegal Immigrants Coming Back to America

A new immigration strategy for Venezuelan immigrants has been revealed by the Biden administration in an effort to stop their entry into America illegally.

However, the former illegal immigrants who were deported from America are returning within a few days after the introduction of the new policy.

Even after putting their lives in danger, the majority of illegal Venezuelan immigrants swear to come back to America.

Angie Pina, an unauthorized immigrant from Venezuela, arrived in the country on Wednesday before the Biden administration announced a new immigration policy.

After being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Texas for a day, Pina was transferred back to Mexico along with almost a dozen other illegal immigrants from Venezuela.

After returning to Mexico, Pina claimed she wasted a month trying to enter America and added that she was broke, which was pressuring her to commit suicide if she didn’t succeed.

Pina said on Saturday that she would try to enter the country again because she was unable to travel to Venezuela. Furthermore, Pina claimed that because she is a lesbian, Venezuelan culture does not accept her, forcing her to leave for the United States.

Later, Pina and two other immigrants from Venezuela tried their luck once more, but on Sunday they were caught by Border Patrol officers as they attempted to enter the country.

They were all transferred to a holding area, where they would probably undergo another round of deportation.

Other Venezuelan immigrants who had been deported said they would enter America even if they had to work with traffickers to do it.

Additionally, one immigrant claimed it would be nearly hard for them to return to Venezuela with the current influx of thousands of additional immigrants.

Some of the immigrants from Venezuela also said that despite their requests, Mexican authorities are not even returning them home.

Immigrants further stated that because they used up all of their finances traveling to America, they were unable to pay for their own flights home from Venezuela.

According to reports, illegal immigrants from Venezuela are currently looking for routes that are not heavily patrolled by law enforcement. However, because they are flanked by wide rivers and rugged terrain, these border regions are hazardous to cross.




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