Democratic Senate Campaign Rakes in Cash Following Sinema’s Announcement

In December of 2022, Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona declared her departure from the Democratic Party, opting to register as an Independent. With her seat scheduled for election in November, she has expressed no intention of seeking reelection. Recently, she announced her decision to exit Congress at the conclusion of her current term. Subsequently, the Democratic candidate vying to succeed her has reported a significant increase in financial support for his campaign, attributing this surge to Sinema’s departure.

Senator Sinema, who has remained an independent following her departure from the Democratic Party in protest against the dysfunctional partisan political environment, announced on March 5th that she will not seek re-election in November and intends to vacate her congressional seat. This decision sets the stage for a competitive contest to fill her position, with Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) and former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake emerging as the primary contenders.

Following Sinema’s announcement, Gallego remarked that it had significantly defined the competition and substantially bolstered his fundraising efforts. He disclosed that within the 24-hour period following Sinema’s withdrawal, his campaign garnered nearly 24,000 contributions, marking the highest number received in a single day since he declared his candidacy.

Gallego has maintained a considerable advantage over Lake, partly due to the extended duration of his campaign. Having launched his Senate candidacy in January 2023, he amassed nearly $13.3 million in fundraising by the conclusion of the previous year. In contrast, Lake, who joined the race in October, trails significantly with $2.1 million in contributions. Gallego reported that the recent surge in donations has added another $1 million to his campaign coffers.

Arizona Democrats have been emphasizing the importance of this financial boost. According to Gallego’s campaign spokeswoman, Hannah Goss, it underscores Arizona’s inability to endorse a Senate candidate who opposes abortion rights and challenges the legitimacy of elections. With the last Republican senator elected by Arizonans twelve years ago, Gallego’s team is understandably optimistic. However, given Arizona’s status as a border state and considering the Biden administration’s stance on illegal immigration, Lake could potentially defy expectations.




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