Democrat Lawmaker Censured for Housing Fugitive

After allowing an activist to hide in her workplace so she wouldn’t have to answer police questions, a state lawmaker received a censure. The incident took place following last month’s Left-wing mob invasion of the Oklahoma State House. The legislator has since refused to accept responsibility for her actions.

Over 150 trans activists occupied the legislative building on February 6 as Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) delivered his State of the State address in a show of defiance against legislation that would outlaw “gender-affirming” surgical mutilation of children. Yet, lawmakers didn’t let intimidation stop them from passing the bills.

Further demonstrations followed, leading to an assault; the week before, activist Austin Ross doused State Representative Bob Ed Culver (R) with water before fighting law enforcement. As police tried to find him, he ran inside State Representative Mauree Turner’s (D) office, but Turner shut the door and wouldn’t let them in.

Turner was punished for providing shelter to the suspect after he was eventually interrogated and taken into custody on allegations of violence and assault on a police officer. On March 7, the state legislature censured her and demanded that she issue a formal apology to the Oklahoman public and police enforcement. She risks losing all of her committee responsibilities if she doesn’t apologize.

Turner, however, has thus far resisted. She responded to the motion for censure by saying, “I think an apology for loving the people of Oklahoma is something that I cannot do, it’s something that I actively refuse to do.” 

The representative, a Muslim who claims to be “non-binary,”and uses they/them pronouns. House Minority Leader Cyndi Munson, who supports Turner, believes that she is being “silenced” because of the way she behaves and presents herself. She also asserts that keeping police out of her office wasn’t blocking them. Charles McCall, the Speaker of the House, disagrees and says he won’t permit lawmakers to intervene with the police.




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