Democrat Governor SLAMS Biden For Border Crisis, Demands Half A BILLION Dollars

Democrats in Congress and at the federal agency level assured us there was no problem at the border, didn’t they?

Even though they’ve been denying everything for years, suddenly everyone is pleading for relief. New York City Mayor Eric Adams was the first, and now a famous Democrat governor has joined him.

The scandal that befell Adams and the subsequent raid on his home by the FBI occurred immediately after he spoke out against the issue.

Another Democrat who just can’t handle it anymore is Katie Hobbs. Arizona Governor Hobbs has witnessed the influx of these undocumented immigrants into her state.

In a letter sent on Friday, Hobbs criticized the Biden administration’s poor border policy and requested $512 million to cover the costs of clearing up the mess.

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Will Hobbs get raided by the FBI soon? Investigative journalist KaneKoa The Great provided his perspective:

“Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs demands half a billion dollars from President Biden to cover escalating costs of illegal immigration crisis. How long till the FBI raids her home like Mayor Adams?

Hobbs accuses Biden of creating an “unmitigated humanitarian crisis” that puts “Arizona’s safety and commerce at risk.”

“For far too long, Arizona has continued to bear the burden of federal inaction in managing our southern border.”

“Due to the federal government’s failure to secure our border, the State of Arizona has spent $512,529,333 on border operations, including migrant transportation, drug interdiction, and law enforcement.”

This comes days after POTUS set a new record as Customs & Border Patrol encountered over 12,000 migrants in a single day at the southern border.”

Daily Mail featured more on the story:

Hobbs in her letter slammed the closing of the Lukeville crossing, saying it ‘has led to an unmitigated humanitarian crisis in the area and has put Arizona’s safety and commerce at risk.’

‘Our ports of entry are essential to our state and our country’s economy, and it is vial that they be properly staffed and resourced to continue to fuel economic growth in the state,’ she added.

Hobbs called for National Guard members who are currently on active federal duty be mobilized to assist CBP in manning the Lukeville crossing, so it can be reopened.

Congressman Byron Donalds told the American people to wake up: “America, do you see the foolishness happening on Capitol Hill? Biden & Congressional Dems REFUSE border security. Now Durbin wants unvetted illegals in our military. That’s the very essence of a NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS. If this nonsense continues it will destroy our country.”

Fox News provided some of the latest Customs and Border Protection data:

Several CBP sectors have seen an increase in migrant encounters in recent weeks.

The U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector in Arizona reported having 15,300 illegal crossings last week, marking the highest weekly total ever.




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