Dem Senator DOUBLES Down on Threat Against Musk!

Days after Twitter CEO Elon Musk made fun of him on the social media platform, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) stepped up his threat against the businessman.

In order to draw attention to the company’s issues with its new premium service, which lets users paying $8 per month to acquire a blue check mark among other features, Markey authorized a Washington Post writer to use his likeness on the site. Musk responded with a few digs after sending the billionaire a furious letter seeking answers.

He’s now increasing his bet. Markey asserted that Twitter will pay a price if guardrails aren’t put up at the social media platform in an interview with MSNBC.

“One of your companies is under an FTC consent decree. Auto safety watchdog NHTSA is investigating another for killing people. And you’re spending your time picking fights online. Fix your companies. Or Congress will.,” Markey replied to Elon in a tweet.

Previously, the two have been feuding over Twitter.

Markey said, “Apparently, due to Twitter’s lax verification practices and apparent need for cash, anyone could pay $8.00 and impersonate someone on your platform. Selling the truth is dangerous and unacceptable. Twitter must explain how this happened and how it will prevent it from happening again.”

In which Elon Musk replied by making fun of Markey’s profile image and said that the senator was simple to imitate because his real account appears to be a parody.




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