Dem Rep Flips Off Entire Republican Dugout During Baseball Game

After being substituted for a pinch-runner at Thursday night’s Congressional Baseball Game, Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez made a vulgar gesture toward her Republican counterparts, giving them the middle finger.

When Sanchez (D-Calif.) got a leadoff walk in the bottom of the sixth inning, the Republican team had a 5-0 advantage. The senator quickly turned to face the GOP bench on the first-base side of Nationals Park as she made her way back to the Democrats’ dugout on the third-base line. Without pausing, she lifted her left hand and gave the GOP the bird.

It’s not apparent if Sanchez was addressed in any way that caused her to insult Republicans. Requests for comments were not immediately answered by her office.

Although Sanchez did not specify what was said, she alleged on Friday that the gesture was sparked by a nasty and sexist remark from the Republican bench.

Democrats must hope that the Republican victory won’t serve as a harbinger of this fall’s midterm elections as the GOP went on to win the seven-inning game 10-0.

Conservatives and Republicans blasted Sanchez for her lack of sportsmanship during what was allegedly a friendly game benefiting a local charity after the game.

Prior to her side being BODIED 10-0 by the GOP in the congressional baseball game, California Democrat Rep. Linda Sanchez threw the Republican dugout the finger.

“What a nasty, disgusting slob. Perfect representation of the modern Left.”

“Congresswoman Linda Sanchez flipping off Republicans in a charity game to support the Boys and Girls Club of DC. Sad! ” North Carolina’s former congressman Mark Walker said on Facebook.

The game had a more than 30-minute rain delay in the fourth inning, but Sanchez’s gesture ended up being the most dramatic moment.

After activist organizations attempted to block the stadium’s main entrance, at least three climate protestors were detained there. Prior to the game, left-wing protesters had threatened to sabotage it, earning a strong warning from US Capitol Police.

The Republicans prevailed on Thursday for the second time in a row after winning a 13-12 battle in 2021 that featured a home run by Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.).




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