Dem Candidate Claims Age Restrictions Should be Discussed For All Elected Officials

Democratic Senate candidate Katie Porter of California has said that she is in favor of lowering the voting age for all politicians. Former President Trump (77) and President Biden (81) should not run for reelection, said Porter at a February 11 Senate debate in California.

She recently finished her fifth term in Congress and said that both long-time politicians and newcomers like herself are necessary for the political process. The Democrat from California also voiced her support for the Biden administration during the interview with Inside California Politics.

Among those in attendance were Porter, Steve Garvey, Barbara Lee, and Adam Schiff, all of whom are Democrats. All of these people are vying for the Democratic nomination that Dianne Feinstein left open. Democratic Senator Laphonza Butler had previously announced her decision not to run in the crowded 2024 race; nevertheless, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom chose Butler to represent the state.

There was a lot of guesswork surrounding Feinstein’s age before she passed away aged 90. Many questioned Feinstein’s ability to do her job well in her final years there.

The top two finishers in California’s open primary on March 5 will go on to the general election, regardless of party membership. Recent polls put Schiff ahead of the pack. He has the support of the Los Angeles Times and State Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Regarding the matter of age restrictions, Porter launched an attack on Schiff on Monday. Schiff, in contrast, praised Biden and used Trump as evidence that certain people, regardless of age, are unfit to be public officials.

The 83-year-old California Democrat and former speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has reportedly announced her intention to seek re-election to a 19th term in office. Democrats Bill Pascrell Jr. of New Jersey and Eleanor Holmes Norton of Washington, DC, who does not vote, are both 86 years old. Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, and Harold Rogers, a Republican from Kentucky, are both 85 years old. At the age of 84, Steny Hoyer represents Maryland as a Democrat. Not a single one of these legislators has dropped a hint about retiring.




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