Daring Thieves Make High-Altitude Heist

Burglars successfully infiltrated a charity collection container situated in a remote section atop Switzerland’s treacherous mountain pass. This climbing route, known as the Via Ferrata, is categorized as a level 5 challenge, denoting its extreme difficulty.

The culprits must possess exceptional hiking and climbing abilities, along with the appropriate tools and gear, to access the donation box. Negotiating the level 5 pass entails navigating steel cables over chasms and ascending ladders securely fastened to the rock’s surface.

Law enforcement suspects that the robbery was planned in advance, as the perpetrators seemed to have brought the necessary equipment to forcibly breach the charity collection container, which was ultimately discovered empty and vandalized.

The audacious criminals scaled a daunting ascent of over 7,000 feet to access their coveted target along the perilous pass. Subsequently, they proceeded with their expedition to reach the peak of the Dauberhorn, which stands at an elevation of 9,648 feet.

A regional hiking association had installed the container to gather contributions for the upkeep of the mountain pass. The organization operates solely on these donations and does not receive any compensation or wages for maintaining the area. The precise amount of money contained in the box at the time of the theft remains uncertain. However, according to Richard Werlen, a member of the club and an experienced mountain guide, the stolen sum likely approximated 400-500 Swiss francs. This corresponds to a range of 455 to 569 US dollars.

The Via Faretta is currently experiencing a surge in popularity due to the favorable weather conditions for climbing and hiking. The increased traffic on the pass may pose challenges when it comes to identifying and apprehending the skilled culprits responsible for the theft.

Switzerland takes great pride in its extensive network of hiking and climbing trails, with citizens willingly contributing to support the dedicated volunteers who maintain them. Regrettably, there has been a recent uptick in thefts associated with donation boxes containing cash and ATMs across Europe. This upswing may compel organizations to explore alternative methods of collecting donations.

A local climber named Patrick Hannan posted a message on Facebook, encouraging volunteers to continue their efforts in maintaining the pass. Additionally, Hannan generously offered a donation to help offset the financial loss incurred.




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