Criminals Use Terrifying New Tactic – FBI Sends Chilling Warning

When someone doesn’t want to drive oneself or intends to drink while out, ride-sharing services are typically a terrific method to get around. All ages employ the practical mode of transportation. The FBI has since warned the public about it.

The FBI informed parents that since the start of the outbreak, ridesharing firms had been utilized to kidnap children in a public service announcement they released in October. The purpose of the vehicles is to “lower likelihood of detection and ease of facilitation.”

The organization talked about a Texas 16-year-old boy who requested an Uber and was kidnapped. The child accepted the driver’s offer to give him a drink throughout the journey. He fell asleep, and when he awoke, he managed to escape and contact the police.

A youngster from North Carolina was recently admitted to the hospital after she leapt out of a moving car to escape a Lyft driver. According to Eziya Bowden, 17, who was interviewed by WBTV, the driver picked her up from her job and made her feel uneasy by making comments about her body right away.

Then, according to her, he allegedly sprayed something inside the car, and she thought he was attempting to drug her. She then leaped out of the moving car at that point. The firm is helping the cops.




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