Colombian Man Finally Arrested After Murdering His Wife In 1994

According to the FBI, a Colombian man who murdered his wife has been hiding in the US under a false identity since the 1990s.

The FBI stated this week that William Hernando Usma Acosta, 61, has been on the run since 1994, when he fatally murdered his wife and daughter as the younger lady attempted to interfere in a violent home incident in Medellin.

Usma Acosta was detained last week after officials discovered him residing in Belmont, Massachusetts, under the name Carlos Alberto Rendon, with his new wife, a US citizen, and their son.

Through his marriage, he had secured permanent legal status in the United States, and he had applied to get naturalized in 2020 using a forged birth certificate.

According to Joseph Bonavolonta, special agent in charge of the FBI Boston Division, Acosta must face punishment for his actions.

According to Bonavolonta, William Hernando Usma Acosta is a convicted cold-blooded assassin who believed he might dodge prosecution by entering the United States and inventing a new name for himself in order to remain under the radar.

Usma Acosta departed his own country immediately after the death of his wife, Laura Rose Agudelo, on June 19, 1994, but was found guilty in his absence of murder and gun possession charges, and an international warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to the FBI, his original sentence was 45 years, but it was lowered to 29 1/2 years due to a change in sentencing rules. According to authorities, he was also sentenced to ten years of “Restricted Citizen’s Rights.”

Usma Acosta reportedly entered the United States in 1995 and got permanent residence status three years later when he married in Massachusetts.

He will now be handed up to Colombian authorities to serve his term, according to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.




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