China Will Never Ditch Russia for America

It is highly difficult for China to remain neutral amid the current Russian-Ukraine hostilities, according to military analysts.

Despite the fact that the White House accuses China of assisting Russia with key resources, China has remained hesitant to openly support Russia.

Officials in China’s government frequently claim to be studying both sides of the coin. The Chinese envoy to Ukraine recently stated that China respects the sovereignty of all nations.

The Chinese envoy attempted to depict the country as not supporting Russian aggression by claiming to create bilateral relations based on equality and mutual benefit.

Experts, on the other hand, feel it was all a ruse by the Chinese embassy. This is because, prior to making these remarks, Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that he supported Putin’s pick.

He believes that abandoning the Cold War attitude is the key to resolving the situation, and that China respects each country’s legitimate security concerns.

As a result, the US warned China that if it sided with Russia in the crisis, it would suffer serious consequences.

Seth Cropsey, the founder of the Yorktown Institute and a former US navy commander and deputy undersecretary of the Navy, stated about China’s objectives.

He claimed that China is on a winding road that will lead nowhere. As a result, as the battle continues, this channel will narrow even more, eventually leading China to a dead-end tunnel, he noted.

Cropsey went on to say that because China lacks experience in international mediation, it is maintaining an uneasy position.

As a result, the expert stated that China is unable to produce a split with Russia and hence refrains from interfering in Russian affairs.

According to Cropsey, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to restore Russia’s pre-Cold War borders because he considers the Soviet Union’s demise to be the greatest geopolitical calamity of the twentieth century.

While Russia’s aims are limited to the region, China is pursuing larger global goals rather than focusing on a single region.

This leads experts to assume that, despite its assertions of neutrality, China favors Russia.




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