China Uses Drones to Force Lockdown

As instances of Wuhan coronavirus, now in the form of a fairly mild strain, grow in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci warns that more limitations may be imposed in the coming months, the Chinese Communist Party has imposed full-fledged lockdowns in a number of places.

Citizens in Shanghai, one of the world’s greatest financial centers, are being warned to leave their balconies and refrain from singing to a drone.

According to reports, the situation is terrible, and the government is starving individuals inside their houses.

Some people are having difficulty getting access to emergency medical treatment. We met with the family of a guy who was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. He’s supposed to be at the hospital getting chemotherapy, but he can’t leave his apartment. He is in excruciating discomfort, according to his relatives.

In China, all COVID cases must be sent to a hospital or quarantine center. There have been several complaints about the unclean circumstances on social media. In one video, the patient claims that there are no masks, medicinal alcohol, or disinfectants present. Garbage is all everywhere, and the restrooms are filthy.

Shanghai’s 25 million residents have been placed on indefinite lockdown. Some people have broken out of the lockdown to protest, yelling “we want freedom” and “why are you starving us?” on Chinese social media.

Democrats in the United States want draconian lockdowns like the ones already in place in China, as Republican Senator Ted Cruz reminds us.




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