China Recruited 162 Researchers From Top US Nuclear Facility

A disturbing story about the hiring of more than one hundred Chinese scientists who had previously worked at the nuclear research lab at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico to bring whatever they may have learned back to China has recently surfaced, as Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. if the West attacks Russian territory.

According to the paper, at least 162 experts who had previously worked at the nuclear research center returned and collaborated with the Chinese government between 1987 and 2021.

15 of them were permanent employees, many of whom had very high security clearances.

According to the report, the scientists returned to the People’s Republic of China to aid several national research and development (R&D) initiatives.

The evaluation goes on, “Of those fifteen, thirteen were recruited into PRC government talent programs; some were responsible for sponsoring visiting scholars and postdoctoral researchers from the PRC, and some received U.S. government funding for sensitive research.”

At least one of these employees, according to Strider Technologies, has a U.S. Having a “Q Clearance” from the Department of Energy (DOE) grants access to National Security Information and Top Secret Restricted Data.

China doesn’t like playing the nuclear game. China has funded a good number of researchers at Western colleges, and FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a warning in July that China is – almost literally — everywhere.

In remarks to a group of business leaders and academics in London, Wray claimed that the Asian nation’s spies were spying on businesses worldwide, in both large cities and tiny towns — Fortune 100s and startups, people who focus on everything from aviation, to A.I., to pharma. For the first time ever, the heads of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the domestic counterintelligence agency of the United Kingdom, MI5, appeared side by side.




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