China Pummeled By Rain Of Worms As Residents Asked To Carry Umbrellas

China needs to call Rihanna for some umbrellas to weather this phenomenon of nature.

Residents of the Chinese province of Liaoning were advised to seek shelter after it appeared that worms were raining.

A viral video appeared to show the area being showered with little worms, which were splattered all over cars.

The video showed residents covering themselves with umbrellas as they went about their daily lives and passed by.

While the cause of the slimy creature disaster is unknown, the scientific journal Mother Nature Network speculated that the animals were blown away by strong winds.


According to the publication, this type of occurrence occurs after a storm when insects become entangled in a whirlpool.

Another theory proposed that the worms were poplar flowers, a tulip tree with blooms that resemble the squirmy beasts.

Viewers were stunned by the city’s current problem, with one person stating: “These are not worms or animals, but flower stalks dropped from trees.”

Someone else claimed that the video was a hoax and that it appeared to be a prank.

“Strange phenomena,” a user added, with another weighing in, “If i was just minding my business on a casual day in China and it started raining worms ?? i’d just die.”

A similar strange occurrence occurred last December, when it was thought that iguanas could rain down from trees in Florida due to colder temperatures.

“They slow down or become immobile when it’s below 40,” WFTV meteorologist Brian Shields posted on Twitter last winter. “They may fall from trees, but they aren’t dead.”

The occurrence is said to be common when colder weather hits the Sunshine State. When the temperature drops, the reptiles stiffen and fall to the ground.

While thermometer plunges stun the invasive reptiles, they do not necessarily kill them. As temperatures rise, many people will simply wake up.




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