China Is Making A Hypersonic Plane

A Chinese business is working on a hypersonic plane that could travel from Beijing to New York in under one hour.

The winged rocket will be capable of reaching speeds of up to 7,000 miles per hour, and experts expect it to be ready for launch by 2024.

According to reports, testing will begin next year.

According to, Space Transportation is developing the future plane, with the business aiming to complete a full point-to-point flight by the end of the decade.

The plane detaches from the rocket-powered wing after launch and continues on, while the wing and boosters land back on the launch pad, according to a promotional film published by the company.

The plane will land using three legs that unfold from the back when it reaches at its destination.

The business believes it will be able to connect New York and China’s capital city in less than an hour.

China continues to invest significant funds and resources in the development of hypersonic aircraft.

The country revealed plans for an aircraft that can transport ten people anywhere on Earth in one hour at the end of last year.

The prototype sports a pair of delta wings with tips pointing up, similar to those on the British and French-designed Concorde.

The intended hypersonic plane is 148 feet long and has twin engines positioned on top of the main body, making it larger than a Boeing 737.




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