China Install Police Stations In US and Biden Does Nothing

The threat posed by communist China to the globe is unlike anything since the 1930s.

Advanced technology and a soul-crushing ideology that resulted in over 100 million fatalities in the 20th Century are what fuel the out-of-control communist police state.

China has been working hard to increase its influence globally, building naval bases all over the world, enticing Africa with low-interest loans, and making money off the COVID virus’ destruction and impact on the US economy.

In order to better oversee both its inhabitants who are still living at home and the Chinese who are dispersed across the world, China established police stations in a number of different locations.

This includes several in Toronto, Canada, as well as a new police station in New York.

In Europe, things are considerably worse. In Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague, Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt, and London, China already has police stations.

The sum of the statistics is really unsettling. In actuality, there are more than 50 Chinese police stations spread throughout 30 different nations. That many police stations are spreading Chinese influence around the world.

To account for crimes, more than 200,000 Chinese are presently wanted to return to China. A dragnet of police stations throughout the world is being used to place them in handcuffs and board a flight home.

Through communication channels, the Chinese government keeps a careful eye on its citizens’ actions and conversations.

This includes the social credit system, wherein your ability to obtain loans, travel freely, own a property, or access essential services is contingent upon how loyal you are to the government.

A non-governmental organization named Safeguard Defenders operates across Europe. It just published a study in which it claims that China’s actions in creating these police stations are unlawful.

Although they both have yet to address the situation, Biden and Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, obviously have no problem with it. If not, it wouldn’t be taking place.




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