Chicago Mayor Blasts Migrant Buses From Texas As Racist

The leftist mayor of Chicago has accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of being a racist and the Trump administration of using excessive force against people, even though she thinks it would be fun to become the latest Democratic target for busloads of illegal immigrants.

Late on Wednesday night, two buses transporting 75 migrants from Texas arrived at the city’s bus station, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot immediately began her vehement speech. However, the liberal senator omitted to mention President Biden’s immigration policies, which are largely believed responsible for the spike in border crossings.

The city of Chicago, according to Lightfoot’s administration, has collaborated across departments to ensure that the guests were treated with respect and decency. She highlighted that the municipality is making every effort to ensure that the immigrants and their families have access to food, housing, and safety. claiming that many people are leaving risky or unstable circumstances.

The Lightfoot campaign made clear that this is not brand-new. that hundreds of immigrants arrive in Chicago every year, and the city welcomes them and offers assistance.

Lightfoot’s office blasted Abbott for busing thousands of illegal immigrants to New York and Washington in opposition to Biden’s open borders despite the cordial message.

According to the Lightfoot office, Texas Governor Greg Abbott lacks any sense of decency or compassion for upholding the discriminatory regulation. Lightfoot afterwards visited a shelter that had taken in the first 75 immigrants who had arrived by bus.

People engaged have made a point of emphasizing how welcome the community is and how they have seen a tremendous amount of assistance from the local government and several non-profits that are a part of our care network.

Abbott has already spent more than $12 million on a demonstration aimed at pressuring President Joe Biden into toughening his immigration policies by busing immigrants to important Democratic strongholds. President Biden’s passivity at the southern border, according to Abbott, is continuing to put Texans and Americans in peril. As a result, the expansion was deemed essential.




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