Canadian Government Begins Mass Arrests of Protesters

Police have swooped in to begin mass arrests of truckers who resist the country’s draconian anti-COVID rules, as the Canadian government escalates its war on demonstrators again further.

On February 18, police stormed Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where the Freedom Convoy’s truckers and supporters had been camping for the previous three weeks. On January 22, trucks headed out from various locations across Canada, arriving in Ottawa a week later. Since then, supporters have united to amplify the truckers’ anti-mandate message, and fresh rallies have erupted in places across Canada. Justin Trudeau, the ultra-liberal Prime Minister of Canada, has been doing everything he can to destroy this unanticipated resistance.

Trudeau became the first Canadian leader to use the country’s 1988 Emergencies Act, which gave him broad powers to harass demonstrators, on Monday. The government can now revoke protesters’ driver’s licenses and freeze their bank accounts, and Trudeau can also order the truckers and their trucks to be removed forcibly.

The cops moved in on the convoy on Friday morning, starting the process. Ottawa police claimed they had towed 57 vehicles and detained nearly 200 people by Sunday. The police department of the city has threatened to arrest and prosecute anyone found inside the protest zone, as well as freeze their accounts. These guys aren’t criminals under Canadian law; they’re simply exercising their right to free expression. Regardless, Trudeau wants them detained.




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