California Getting Eaten Alive by Expensive Gas Prices

Today’s petrol prices in the United States are not amusing.

Because the United States now lacks energy independence, we are more reliant on foreign countries for energy.

The Biden administration continues to oppose legislation that might lower the high gas prices Americans are forced to pay at every step.

As a result, today’s gas prices are multiple times higher than they need to be, and certainly more than they were throughout the Trump presidency.

Residents in California are paying an average of $5.800 per gallon to fill up their tanks. The cost of living in certain California areas is significantly greater.

The average cost of gas in California is greater than in other blue states like Hawaii, Oregon, and even New York. As Californians are forced to pay higher gas prices, the scenario is circulating on social media, with many individuals dissatisfied with the high prices.

Gas prices in California are exacerbated by the state’s unusually high taxes and other regulations that make it difficult for the middle class to live comfortably.

Rich people can afford to absorb multi-dollar rises in per-gallon gas prices; however, families on tight budgets, fixed incomes, or living paycheck to paycheck are unable to do so.

America would be back on track to achieving energy independence if the White House tapped into pipelines like Keystone XL and Mountain Valley.

With the country’s ability to generate energy locally, supply would increase, lowering prices.

Unfortunately, Americans should not hold their breath waiting for this to happen. The Biden administration has repeatedly opposed energy independence, preferring to focus the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The reality is that no matter how many war crimes Putin does in Ukraine, it is Biden’s anti-energy policies that have led to America’s current predicament.




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