Brutal Details Leak of China’s Atrocities

The Chinese government is accused by the US and others of committing genocide against the Uyghur minority in the nation. The administrations of former president Donald Trump and president Joe Biden concurred with the judgment. Information regarding the care given to other detainees in China is now becoming public.

China declared on February 14 that it intended to construct a sizable hydroelectric dam across the Drichu River in Tibet. In the 1950s, the Chinese Communist Party conquered Tibet and took control of it. The Tibet Autonomous Region’s concerned river passes through several provinces.

News of more than 1,000 Tibetans being detained by the Chinese government for opposing the project surfaced ten days after the dam’s unveiling. Among those detained were monks. According to Tibetans, the project will uproot six monasteries and force people from two villages. The Chinese government has suppressed protestors out of indifference.

The watchdog group Bitter Winter has released a new report claiming that the relocated Tibetans would not be placed in a lovely community. They were informed that they would have to move into incomplete apartments and be housed in closely monitored camps. They contend that since they are innocent, they should not be treated that way.

Breitbart reported that pepper spray, water cannons, and tasers were used against the protestors who are being arrested. They appear to have been beaten by Chinese police in videos.

Tibetans have apparently been informed by the Chinese government that they will be picked up and placed in camps. The news brought back memories of the treatment of the Uyghurs by the Communists. It was said to those who will be imprisoned that they must provide their own beds and food. They were told to get ready for lengthy incarceration in the prison camps. According to reports, those who questioned the authorities were beaten by them, and several of them ended themselves in hospitals. When asked about what transpired, one of them found it difficult to respond due to the severity of the beating.




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