Bride And Groom Set On Fire During Bizarre Wedding Stunt

This couple didn’t toss rice at each other; instead, they ignited themselves on fire to finish their wedding ceremony. As of Friday afternoon, a video of the nuptial pyrotechnics had received more than 15.2 million viral views.

The caption to the beautifully illuminated film, which was released Monday by wedding DJ Russ Powell, says, “Their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring.”

Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Mishelle are 42-year-old stunt doubles who work on TV and film productions like “Yellowstone” and “Hereditary,” so they wanted to honor their common profession during their wedding.

However, nothing could have prepared most spectators for the prank, which featured flames that resembled a gender reveal party gone wrong, according to Jam Press.

The knot-frying ritual, dubbed “when stunt people marry,” begins with the bride and groom standing side by side, as is customary.

The occasion takes a scorching turn, however, when a guy fires Mishelle’s bouquet with a big incendiary device, causing them to burst into flames à la Nic Cage and Sam Elliott in “Ghost Rider.”

Guests celebrate as the twin flames gallop down the aisle holding hands, seemingly unconcerned by the fact that they’re both on fire.

Jessop and Mishelle kneel as a wedding attendant douses the heated action with a fire extinguisher at the end of the flaming film.

Others compared the moment to Jennifer Lawrence’s “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” flame-festooned gown.

They were both using anti-burn gel on their hair and faces, and she was wearing a wig on top. They were also said to be dressed in fire-resistant clothes.

The DJ also included a disclaimer, warning viewers that the newlyweds are pros and that they should not do this at home.




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