Bragg’s Extreme Left Record

The bulk of the criminal charges that have come across Alvin Bragg’s desk since assuming office have been lowered. Bragg is the Manhattan District Attorney in charge of indicting Donald Trump. According to data, charges in 52% of felony cases under Bragg’s supervision were reduced to misdemeanors.

His administration declined to pursue 1,100 felonies in 2022, a 35% increase over 2019. George Soros, a millionaire, has come out in support of Bragg for his failure to prosecute criminals.

One of Bragg’s first duties after taking office in early 2022 was to circulate a document to employees that would fundamentally alter New York City. Lawbreakers would be granted a free ride, but its law-abiding citizens would be left behind.

Even if a weapon was used, Bragg informed the staff at the district attorney’s office that robbery charges would be reduced to petty theft. The maximum punishment for this offense is one year in jail.

Likewise, prostitution, turnstile jumping, and possession of non-firearms weapons would not be punished, and drug traffickers would no longer be charged with felonies. 

The NYPD policemen, who already had a difficult job, were horrified by this backhand. “Why doesn’t Bragg just give the drug dealers business cards telling everyone they’re open for business, what their hours are, and what they charge?” , a detective enquired. However, his stance was unambiguous: using jail as a last option.

Despite prior denials, George Soros, a millionaire on the extreme left, is tied to Bragg and other DA offices around the country. Soros has bragged about his backing for candidates that advocate for “reform” of the criminal justice system and has contributed millions of dollars to the campaigns of prosecutors who are lenient toward offenders but tough on victims.




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