“Brady Bunch” Star Speaks Up After Affair Rumors

An actor from the beloved 1970s sitcom, “The Brady Bunch,” has addressed persistent rumors surrounding the show. Over the years, there has been speculation about a romantic affair between two cast members during the show’s run. However, a third member of the cast has now come forward to dismiss this story. Despite the passing of almost 50 years since the show’s final episode aired in 1974, “The Brady Bunch” continues to enjoy popularity and is regularly broadcasted on US television. Nonetheless, certain rumors concerning the cast have endured alongside its enduring fame.

There has been a longstanding belief among some individuals that Florence Henderson, known for her role as Carol Brady, the mother in “The Brady Bunch,” was involved in a romantic affair with Barry Williams, who portrayed the oldest son, Greg Brady. Last year, producer Lloyd Schwartz attempted to debunk this rumor by explaining to Fox News that it originated from an incident where Williams’s father took Henderson’s children to see a singer. According to Schwartz, it was all a fabrication, but the story continued to persist.

Now, Susan Olsen, the actress who played Cindy Brady, is making another effort to dispel this scandal. During a recent interview with Fox, she stated that Williams, who was only 15 years old when the show began, had a crush on Henderson, who was 20 years his senior. Olsen affirmed that Henderson was very gracious and allowed Williams to take her out for her birthday, but she emphasized that their interactions were entirely innocent.

Following Florence Henderson’s death in 2016, she openly acknowledged that Barry Williams had indeed taken her to see a singer, but she vehemently denied being “the Cher of the TV mom set.” Susan Olsen, in addition, expressed her strong dislike for the rumor and affirmed that there was nothing romantic between Williams and Henderson; their relationship was built on mutual love and respect.

Olsen also addressed another rumor concerning her own death. Since another person named Susan Olsen had tragically passed away in a school bus accident many years ago, false rumors of Olsen’s demise circulated. She likened this situation to the persistent rumors surrounding Paul McCartney. It is now evident that the rumor of her death is untrue, and hopefully, Olsen has successfully put an end to the other rumor as well.




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