Both Rep And Dems Blast Biden for the Continuing Baby Formula Crisis

Florida Republican Rep. Kat Cammack was a guest on Fox News Radio’s “Fox Across America” on Thursday. She attacked Vice President Joe Biden for allowing the ongoing scarcity of infant formula, which is troubling parents all around the country, to continue for so long.

Rep. Cammack brought up the issue throughout the conversation and questioned why there is even a scarcity in the first place while discussing what Team Biden has done thus far:

It’s already July, and this occurred in April and May. And only last week, a measure was introduced that would really reduce import duties on baby formula.

“Why does it take so long for us to actually take action, or the Biden FDA, which was responsible for this shortage in the first place? Because don’t forget, it was the Biden FDA that shut down the nation’s largest manufacturer of baby formula without any plan to backfill the supplies and no plan to get this factory back online.And so, I think it’s pretty ridiculous that, despite the fact that we’ve had national outrage, that there has been legislation that has been passed, that we are literally flying in cargo planes of baby formula, having passed legislation to ease the labeling issues, that there’s still a shortage. And it’s not because of supply and demand. We didn’t just all of a sudden randomly start having more babies. It’s because the Biden administration can’t get out of its own way. They are so terrible at absolutely everything that they still, to this day, cannot get something that they broke just back to functioning. So, this is a real problem, and elections have consequences.”

They do have effects, one of which is that parents can no longer purchase infant formula.




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