Border Czar Kamala Harris Humiliates Herself

Vice President and border czar Kamala Harris made a fool of herself by criticizing Republicans for failing to do their jobs during her border crisis. kettle meets pot.

“I do believe that it challenges the strength of our ability to fight for democracies around the world when we have fundamental rights that are being attacked by extremist so-called leaders within our own country,” she added in reference to the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion.

The question of whether Harris understood the political argument that DeSantis and Abbott were trying to make by expanding the border to left-leaning hotspots like Martha’s Vineyard was then posed to Harris.

They’re playing games. These are political stunts with real human beings who are fleeing harm. Do you know what’s happening in Venezuela right now? These migrants came to the United States of America seeking refuge, asylum. I think it is the height of irresponsibility, much less, frankly, a dereliction of duty when you are an elected leader to play those kinds of games with human life.”

Was Harris able to comprehend the anger that Americans feel towards the border situation?

Harris criticized Trump rather than responding to the query.

She stated, “Under the prior administration, they decimated a system that was designed to address immigration,” before stating that the Biden administration has been investing time and resources to rebuild that system.

The vacuous talking point that Harris is attempting to address the underlying causes of mass migration in order for individuals to take care of themselves in their native countries was then thrown aside.

As a result, Biden and Harris are actually making things worse because we are strangling the country’s economy and resulting in migration flows.

Whether we should try to overthrow that horrible regime is another matter, but Kamala’s administration is currently making things worse by boosting the flow of migrants from Venezuela.




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