Border Chiefs SECRET PLAN Exposed – Smuggling Pipeline Discovered!

President Biden has come under fire for not enforcing immigration laws at our southern border ever since he assumed the presidency. This was certainly attributed to inefficiency by a lot of people. In reality, the Biden Administration not only fails to manage immigration, but actively encourages it.

The present government surreptitiously established a new immigration pipeline months ago and has now extended it, according to a report published on November 21 by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). CIS claims that coordinated teams of US and Mexican authorities are detaining migrants before they even cross the border, verifying their identities, issuing them with “Humanitarian Parole” cards, and then accompanying them into the US.

The Citizenship and Immigration Services website state that the humanitarian route is only available to individuals who have a “compelling emergency,”and it appears unlikely that many people who aren’t even able to enter the US would bring a sufficient public benefit to justify waiving our laws. Humanitarian parole allows someone who usually wouldn’t be eligible to enter the US to come in for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit,” Because there are legitimate situations when individuals merit US chance or refuge, humanitarian parole exists.

The truth is that several teams are allegedly selecting and transporting into the US 25 migrants at a time, twice daily, 7 days per week. Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, is in charge of the scheme and is in charge of enforcing border security. Instead, he purposefully undermines it.




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