Bill Gates Plans to Take Away Your Steak

Bill Gates, the tech mogul, wants to control what goes into your mouth when he’s not planning about how to force experimental vaccines on people or establish a digital ID to keep us safe.

He wants you to be compelled to consume soy burgers and fake meat, while beef and red meat become prohibited.

Gates has been joyfully appearing on TV broadcasts to discuss COVID, grinning as he discusses death numbers and how experimental and dangerous vaccines can save us.

He’s a complete propagandist who isn’t even a doctor, yet the mainstream media appears to think he’s a valuable contributor in the event of a pandemic.

The most important thing to grasp about this self-righteous tome masquerading as a book is that it’s all about making you feel bad about yourself and providing elites like Bill Gates the pretext to govern your life.

A key part of that, according to Gates, is ensuring that first-world countries cease eating red meat and instead move to soy-based goods.

That may be fine for whatever creature Gates is hiding behind the human face, but it sounds revolting to the rest of us.

According to Gates, consumers will grow accustomed to the flavor difference, and Beyond Meat burgers will soon be mainstream and preferred to actual meat.

Despite the fact that artificial meat accounts for only 1% of the world’s meat products today, Gates is optimistic that this will swiftly expand.

The main argument is that raising beef cattle and red meat has a large environmental impact due to water consumption, forest destruction for grazing, and methane emissions from cows and other animals.

Gates is free to switch to soy meat if he so desires. It is absolutely unfair to force everyone to do it so he can feel in control.




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