Biden’s Physical Examination Results Revealed

The outcomes of President Biden’s yearly medical evaluation have been disclosed by the White House. As per his physician, Biden is deemed physically capable of fulfilling his duties as president, despite encountering minor health issues. Utilizing the report to portray himself as capable and prepared for another term, the president hasn’t addressed concerns about his cognitive abilities, which remain a significant focus for voters.

Biden underwent his annual physical examination at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on February 28. Shortly after, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the presidential physician, issued a six-page report outlining the findings. The evaluation portrayed Biden’s physical state in an overwhelmingly positive light, describing him as a healthy, active, and vigorous 81-year-old male. O’Connor affirmed that Biden is fully capable of performing all presidential responsibilities.

As anticipated for someone of his age, Biden does experience certain health concerns, as outlined by O’Connor. The president deals with acid reflux, for which he takes medication. Additionally, he contends with seasonal allergies, a lifelong issue managed with over-the-counter remedies. O’Connor also addressed Biden’s noticeably stiffened ambulatory gait,initially observed in 2021, attributed to moderate to severe arthritis, which has remained stable since last year. Furthermore, Biden experiences reduced sensation in his feet, with a gradual progression up his legs.

In general, O’Connor depicts Biden as an elderly yet robust individual experiencing minor age-related decline. The sole new concern highlighted is obstructive sleep apnea, characterized by breathing interruptions during sleep, a condition not present in the previous year. Biden now utilizes a Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine to aid his breathing while asleep.

It appears that Biden maintains relatively good health considering his age, but voters aren’t particularly concerned about issues like his stiff gait or acid reflux. What truly concerns them, as evidenced by polling data showing worries from 76% of all voters and 54% of Democrats, is his mental acuity for the presidency. Despite this, his annual physical exams do not incorporate any cognitive assessments.




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