Biden’s MLK Address Was a Complete Disaster

President Joe Biden attempted to sing “Happy Birthday” to the wife of Martin Luther King III after being presented by Al Sharpton at the National Action Network Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Breakfast, but soon forgotten her name:

Following his rough musical debut, Biden went into his MLK Jr. Day speech with his trademark polarizing tone. Once again, our ostensibly “unity” president decided that his address honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. should be used to…attack Republicans as “fiscally demented.”

The president also went into his bizarre whispering routine to defend his and Democrats’ aggressive efforts to raise the number of IRS officers and their enforcement activities, which Republicans are attempting to curtail.

According to Biden, “billionaires” require “serious agents to know what they’re doing and not doing.” In truth, Biden’s claim that middle-class Americans would not face increased IRS scrutiny contradicts his commitment to considerably raise tax revenues by reducing the so-called “tax gap.”

After blasting Republicans, who now control the House and with whom Biden must negotiate to avoid our nation’s fiscal crisis, Biden went after police officers with his usual confused rants and bogus assertions.

According to Biden, law enforcement professionals who are in a situation where they need to use a firearm to protect themselves, their partners, or the public do not need to use their firearms and must be “retrained” – a prescription for more police officers killed by criminals.

Biden again repeated his bizarre argument that Americans don’t need AR-15s because they’d need “some F-15s” to take on the federal government. Biden’s opinion on guns that he considers excessively frightening is that “there’s no-no reason for any of that.”

We’re intrigued whether that’s Biden’s endorsement of private fighter jet ownership.

Biden labeled anyone who rejects the left’s awakened agenda as history denier, claiming that Democrats are merely trying to be “honest,” which the woke movement has not prioritized.

From the 1619 Project’s distortions to the fact that most woke “folks!” are deliberately attempting to erase history rather than interpret or learn from it, Biden’s criticism on those who try to pretend “abuses of the past…didn’t occur” is a major miss.

Of all, divisive assaults like this are what Americans have come to expect from President Biden. From firearms to vaccinations, money, skin color, and political ideology, Biden — who campaigned on the promise of being a president for “all” Americans — can’t seem to pass up an opportunity to slander broad swaths of his fellow Americans.




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