Biden’s DOE Targets Water Heaters

Once more, President Joe Biden and the Department of Energy (DOE) are taking action. This time, they are targeting conventional water heaters, leaving no household appliance untouched.

In a rather uninspiring press release, the DOE revealed their latest ambitious initiative, all under the banner of their climate change agenda. However, they avoid outright acknowledgment of this fact and instead attempt to entice the public with the familiar promise of cost savings, a tactic we’ve heard countless times before.

As per the report by Fox News, the primary objective of the proposed regulation is the optimization of water heater efficiency. The plan entails the compulsory implementation of heat pump technology and condensing technology for gas-fired water heaters. Although these technological advancements appear noteworthy, they come with a drawback: the familiar non-condensing gas-fired water heaters, known for their affordability and compactness, will see reduced availability. Nevertheless, proponents of the regulation prioritize the greater cause of environmental preservation over concerns of cost and size.

Anticipate the forthcoming implementation of this regulation, as it is scheduled to take effect in 2029. U.S. Secretary of Energy, Jennifer M. Granholm, exhibited profound enthusiasm while disclosing this innovative strategy, which seeks to diminish utility expenditures for American households and alleviate the adverse impact of carbon emissions.

However, amidst the revelry, one cannot escape pondering the significance of maintaining personal agency in the choice of appliances for our residences. It seems that the Biden administration might have inadvertently disregarded the essential principle of freedom in this particular domain.




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