Biden Trashes GOP During Speech in Washington

Things aren’t looking good for the Democratic Party right now.

Despite a federal court dismissing the wildly unpopular CDC mask rule for travel on Monday, Democrats are attempting to revive it.

Democrats in Rhode Island are attempting to quadruple the income levies imposed on anyone who refuse to obtain COVID vaccines. Meanwhile, several surveys predict that Democrats will lose the midterm elections, and President Trump’s support rating is approaching 60%.

There is a lot that Democrats might be concentrating on right now. High gas prices, rising inflation, and rising crime rates are just some of the issues.

Instead of concentrating on these issues, Joe Biden used Earth Day to launch new assaults on the Republican Party.

The president declared during a public speech in Seattle, Washington, that the Republican Party is the MAGA party, not the Republicans he worked with as a senator.

Later, Biden said that other Republican members approached him in private and expressed an interest in working with him, but were afraid of retaliation from their colleagues.

The president, of course, did not name the Republicans who allegedly stated this to him.

Finally, Biden chastised the Florida Republican Party for enacting a legislation prohibiting the teaching of sexual and gender identities to children in third grade and below. The president then went on to declare that Florida Republicans are targeting Mickey Mouse.

The president of the United States currently has far more pressing concerns than how the Republican Party has evolved over the last few generations.

Economists predicted a possible recession in 2023 earlier this month. The Biden administration has never officially addressed this issue.




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