Biden Slammed After Saying MAGA Rep’s Have Awakened American Women

Joe Biden, the president, has once again drawn jeers after saying that “MAGA Republicans have awakened” American women.

The ladies of our country have become a potent force in America because to MAGA Republicans. These MAGA Republicans are ignorant of the influence that women have in America. They are going to learn, the President says in a message that was published on his Twitter account and that reflects comments he made at a speech on Thursday.

Naturally, many people stepped forward to make fun of the president because this is coming from a party member who can’t explain what a woman is.

“This is coming from a man that supports castrating boys with so-called ‘gender affirming care’ before they are even old enough to vote. We know you’re slipping Joe, but those aren’t women. Yes there is an awakening coming. We will STOP your sick & perverse child abuse,” Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman, commented.

Jenna Ellis, an attorney and Newsmax contributor, posted, “Proud to be a MAGA Woman. I can even define women too. Something you can’t.”

Donald Trump Jr. said on social media, “You morons can’t even define what a woman is.”

“Sir, your party can’t even define what a woman is. You are about to find out the power of a Conservative Latina in America. We will stop the white far left liberals like you from destroying our country! You watch and see! ” Texas Republican Rep. Mayra Flores tweeted.

“And by women, I presume you mean the biological men with whom you are forcing women to share locker rooms, bathrooms, sports leagues. You’re leading a campaign to erase, sterilize & deny the existence of women—not to mention executing fully-developed baby girls days before birth,” senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller posted on Twitter.




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