Biden Seems To Struggle Getting Off Stage Again

At a Pittsburgh rally, President Joe Biden appeared to have difficulty exiting the stage, just one month after making a mistake of a similar nature after giving a speech at the UN.

Biden, 79, was spotted turning to his right to leave the stage after delivering his address when he paused and asked his staff a question while raising his hands.

He soon turned around and departed the stage from the left side.

He made a stop in Pittsburgh to assess how the $25.3 million Fern Hollow Bridge renovation was coming along. In January, the bridge gave way, injuring 10 people and swallowing a number of vehicles.

By the end of the year, the bridge is expected to be completed, an achievement Biden hailed as amazing.

He also bragged about his $1 trillion infrastructure package, the largest since Eisenhower’s interstate system and expected to assist 2,500 additional bridges.

He made a rare stop to talk with reporters before traveling to Pennsylvania, but rather than simply responding to their inquiries, the president reprimanded them for asking about his campaign stops and abortion regulations.

While telling another reporter to “educate” themselves, the president branded one reporter a “kid.”

Biden raced over to the line of reporters waiting for his departure and yelled replies to them over the noise of Marine One as he and Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman left for rallies in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The president occasionally need some stage direction despite the interaction with reporters outside the White House.

After giving a speech at the UN in late September, Biden appeared to make a similar stage mistake.

The president started to leave the stage as there was applause, but stopped in his tracks and looked around with a confused expression on his face.

He then appeared to ask onlookers how to exit the stage before taking a few halting steps.

As yet another illustration of doubts about Biden’s physical and mental fitness for the presidency, the video of the uncomfortable side-steps quickly gained popularity on social media.

Biden is not widely seen as being qualified for the position, and many people are “somewhat concerned” about the president’s mental health.




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