Biden Mocked for Claiming He Needs Money to Afford Border Security

President Joe Biden is tasked with safeguarding the United States border and establishing immigration policies, with the Department of Homeland Security operating under his authority. However, despite this, the commander-in-chief has been reluctant to acknowledge responsibility for the border crisis, instead attempting to attribute blame to Congress. This recent attempt to shift accountability has been met with ridicule.

On January 2, as President Biden was disembarking from Marine One, a reporter inquired about his plans to address the unprecedented immigration figures at the border. According to information shared with Fox News by sources, the number of encounters reached 300,000 in December 2023.

In response, Biden emphasized the necessity of taking action and subsequently suggested that Republican legislators should provide the necessary funds to enhance border security. The president has been consistently criticizing the GOP for weeks, accusing them of taking a holiday break without approving additional funding to address the border control situation.

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) ridiculed the president, asserting that he was seeking additional funds from lawmakers not to secure the border but rather to facilitate the processing and entry of undocumented individuals into the country.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) stated that Biden must take action, warning that if he doesn’t, lawmakers would be inclined to force a government shutdown.

Another user on X, formerly Twitter, derided the president for asserting that he was exerting every effort, pointing out the irony as the government is currently auctioning off sections of the border wall construction.

There is a possibility that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas might face impeachment in the upcoming weeks, as Republicans in the House have scheduled a hearing for impeachment. They allege that he has neglected his oath and has not effectively carried out his job responsibilities.

On January 4, the secretary made an appearance on Fox News’ “Special Report,” facing a thorough interrogation from anchor Bret Baier. The Fox News host highlighted statistics indicating the administration’s inability to maintain control of the border. The secretary acknowledged that over 1 million migrants have been released in the US while awaiting the resolution of their immigration cases.

Rather than acknowledging that this figure reflects a significant failure on the part of the administration, Mayorkas asserted that it truly underscores Congress’s failure to address the broken immigration system, placing the blame on lawmakers for not adequately addressing the issue for the benefit of the American people.

Mayorkas asserted that the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to detain migrants is constrained due to limitations in congressional funding. He further explained that the president had requested additional funding from Congress to boost the number of agents at the border and incorporate more technology, but the lawmakers did not pass the proposed funding.




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