Biden Mocked As Incompetent For Using Cheat Sheet With Directions

In a meeting with representatives from the wind business at the White House, President Joe Biden revealed a card with detailed instructions for himself. Due to the fact that the card seems to inform the president when to sit down and who to talk to, the president was instantly made fun of on social media for being inept.

The 79-year-old Biden waved a note bearing directions that said, “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants,” and, “YOU depart.”

Alternatively, you may say something like “YOU take YOUR seat” and “YOU thank participants.”

The card instructed Biden to ask AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler a question after media had left the room and to make his remarks “brief,” with notes lasting no more than two minutes.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates replied to a Twitter tweet from the Republican National Committee Research after an image of the president’s cheat sheet went popular on social media.

The presenter of “The Benny Show,” Benny Johnson of Newsmax, tweeted two images of Biden clutching the little reminder card and said the instructions were beyond humiliating.

Democrats are worried about the age of Biden as they prepare for the 2024 presidential election since job approval is at an all-time low.

Party officials are analyzing the ramifications of the eldest sitting president pursuing a second term despite inflation rates at a 40-year high, an immigration crisis at the southern border, and the possibility that Republicans may take back the House and Senate in the November midterm elections.

Biden would be too old to seek reelection, according to a recent columnist for The Atlantic.




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