Biden Just Admitted To Breaking The Law on TV

The president of the United States, who is supposed to lead by example and be a model citizen, admitted to breaking the law on live television. In an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” with Scott Pelley that aired on Sunday night, the President made this statement.

He acknowledged that his administration had forced vaccinations and regulations on Americans in response to a pandemic that was long since over. In this interview, Biden also acknowledged that his student loan giveaway violates American federal law.

After being abandoned for the previous three years, the Detroit Auto Show was eventually reinstated this year. The news anchor then asked the President if Americans should interpret this as proof that the pandemic had ended for good.

The end of the pandemic was confirmed by the President. He continued by saying that since there were still some issues with covid, there was still much work to be done. The pandemic was over, but Biden reassured Americans of that.

Americans, including both Democrats and Conservatives, were outraged and condemned by the President’s reaction to Pelley’s inquiries. The President’s remarks quickly became popular on social media since both parties had strong opinions and a lot to say.

One among those who responded to the President’s statements was Charles C.W. Cooke, a contributor to the National Review.

Following the President’s remarks, Republican Representative Thomas Massie posted demands on Twitter. As the pandemic was over the next day, Massie demanded that all emergency powers granted to the President and governors across the nation as a result of the pandemic be revoked. He further urged that the PREP act and the COVID vaccine mandates be repealed because they are no longer necessary.

Journalist Megyn Kelly tweeted that Biden must stop all COVID regulations right away unless the White House wants people to bring new legal claims against the government for enforcing pointless mandates.




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