Biden Is Caught In Yet Another Lie

President Joe Biden once again embellished about his life, as he had done for much of his career.

Biden was able to be corrected, though, owing to actual fact-checkers.

Biden asserted that his entire house was destroyed in a fire on Wednesday while addressing to Hurricane Ian victims.

“I know from experience how much anxiety and fear concern is to other people… we didn’t lose our whole home but lightning struck and we lost an awful lot of it about 15 years ago,” Biden dishonestly said. 

In 2004, lightning struck Biden’s Delaware house, causing a small fire that spread to his kitchen. However, authorities claimed they were able to put out the fire in under a half-hour.

The fire chief at the time stated, “Luckily, we got it pretty early, the fire was under control in 20 minutes.”

Biden has lied before about the minor kitchen fire that caused little damage.

Biden asserted that his home burned down in November 2021 while Jill Biden, the first lady, was inside.

The fire, however, was only large enough to be contained in the kitchen.

Additionally, he was exposed for lying about having driven an 18-wheeler when, in reality, he had only ever been a passenger in one.

His only experience with trucks was when he once rode in one; it was probably for the best that he didn’t drive.




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