Biden Hands Out End-Of-Year Pardons To People Convicted Of Alcohol, Drug And Murder Charges

On Friday, Joe Biden issued six pardons.

A domestic abuse survivor convicted of murdering her husband received one of the pardons. The other five were arrested on drug and alcohol charges.

Gary Park Davis was found guilty of using a phone to conduct an illegal cocaine transaction.

Edward Lincoln De Coito III was arrested on suspicion of marijuana trafficking.

Vincent Ray Flores pleaded guilty to ecstasy and alcohol use while serving in the military.

When Charlie Byrnes Jackson was 18, he sold whiskey illegally.

John Dix Nock III pleaded guilty to one count of renting and making available for use as an owner a location for the purpose of growing marijuana plants.

Biden granted them all pardons.

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According to Fox News:

President Biden on Friday granted full pardons to six individuals who have served their sentences and have since turned their lives around to become valued members of their communities, the White House said.

Among those pardoned are a domestic abuse survivor convicted of murdering her husband and five others who served sentences for drug and alcohol-related charges.

Others pardoned include Gary Park Davis, 66, who served a six-month sentence for using a telephone for an unlawful cocaine transaction; Edward Lincoln De Coito III, 50, who served less than two years for marijuana trafficking; Vincent Ray Flores, 37, who plead guilty to using ecstasy and consuming alcohol while serving in the military and was sentenced to four months’ confinement and paid a fine; Charlie Byrnes Jackson, 77, who sold whiskey illegally when he was 18 and was sentenced to five years’ probation; and John Dix Nock III, 72, who served six months’ community confinement for a marijuana offense 27 years ago.

Will Biden pardon anyone charged on January 6th?




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