Biden Falls Asleep Standing Up

Republicans and conservatives have warned that Joe Biden is unfit for office since he launched his candidacy for President.

Biden seemed to be physically exhausted. Half of the time, he appears like he’s about to pass out, as he did once while mounting the stairs of Air Force One.

Mentally, he forgets half of what he’s saying, makes odd gibberish statements, and frequently snoozes during critical national security moments.

He’s simply not emotionally capable of doing the job, and his disdain for our military has enraged many.

This happened in the summer of 2021, when Biden kept checking his watch while waiting for the bodies of our slain warriors to return to America from Afghanistan.

Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, attended an event on the USS Delaware warship yesterday. This was just ceremonial, but he is the president, and the globe is going through a difficult moment right now.

This could have been an opportunity to rekindle hope in America and honor our heroes. Instead, Biden became confused with Michelle Obama and fell asleep throughout the ceremony while standing.

The White House even went in after the speech and modified the transcript to say he was VP instead of Michelle Obama.

We’re all paying the price because Biden is losing his head. He advocated for regime change in Russia just last weekend, giving Vladimir Putin a major power boost.

For years, Putin has claimed that the West and the United States intend to depose him. Putin now has a tighter grip on his own people and the Russian military machine thanks to Biden’s confirmation.

Biden, who is 79 years old, is plainly suffering from dementia. Biden should take a basic IQ test to evaluate his mental capacity, according to Congressman Ronny Jackson, the White House’s former on-call doctor.

The Biden administration has been a terrible failure, and it is endangering our country.




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