Biden Economy Gets Yet More Bad News

Despite the ongoing inflation issue, ongoing gas price dilemma, and ongoing struggle of businesses to find enough people eager to work, particularly in low-level service employment, Biden continues to maintain that the economy is doing wonderfully.

Despite Team Biden’s best efforts, the US economy isn’t doing so well right now, as CEOs and analysts are increasingly pointing out and signaling a possible recession.

The former CEO of Toys “R” Us recently spoke out about the status of the economy, predicting that many Main Street firms would file for bankruptcy this autumn and that even some chains that hadn’t made the necessary preparations were in risk of failing.

“The Democrats’ economy is poised to crash. That’s the focus in tonight’s preamble. Most of the cable and broadcast networks are concerned with how a collapsing U.S. economy impacts the electoral prospects of their favorite party, the socialists in the Democrat Party. I couldn’t care less about the impact on Democrats or Republicans, their careers in Washington. As the ruling class, they appear to delight in playing games with our lives. I couldn’t care about that. I care about the people.”

Salcedo continued by listing the indicators of a recession and pointing out that the interest rate miscalculation in particular appears to have been the spark that ignited the global financial crisis.

Salcedo continued by highlighting the potential harm to American customers that might result from the difficulties caused by the abrupt rate increases.

“From the financial sector to the trades, to those who produce products that go into building a house, every sector is poised for massive layoffs, unemployment always a lagging indicator when the economy takes a downward turn. So once Biden’s Democrat economy takes your job, the socialists who make up the Democratic Party have another big surprise for you: food costs. They are forecast to go even higher.”




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