Biden Challenger Drops Out of Race

President Biden’s cognitive state is under increased examination following a damning report from the Justice Department criticizing his memory. However, concurrently, his hold on the Democratic primary race has strengthened further. With only two remaining contenders and one recently withdrawing, Biden is now virtually assured of securing his party’s nomination for the upcoming November election, unless he voluntarily steps down.

On February 7th, Marianne Williamson, an unconventional contender in the Democratic nomination race, shared a video on X (previously known as Twitter) declaring the suspension of her campaign. Williamson, a former spiritual leader renowned for establishing the Project Angel Food charity, was the initial entrant into the Democratic race last March. Her campaign primarily revolved around disputing Biden’s assertions regarding the improvement of the US economy.

This marks Williamson’s third foray into politics. Previously, she ran without success in a House primary in 2014 and also made an initial bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, failing to secure the candidacy on both occasions. With her recent decision to suspend her campaign, Williamson has now experienced defeat in all three attempts.

In the primaries held in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, Williamson consistently received low single-digit polling numbers, indicating her lack of viable prospects for victory. Given this reality, her choice to terminate her campaign was the most rational course of action available to her.

In her video announcing her withdrawal, Williamson expressed that she had advocated for those marginalized in society who lacked a voice, and extended gratitude to all who supported her campaign. Nevertheless, with her campaign concluded, only Biden and Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips remain in the race.

To date, Biden has secured 91 delegates, while Phillips has not obtained any. The upcoming primary in Michigan will allocate an additional 140 delegates, with recent polling indicating Biden holding a substantial lead in the state. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, if he remains in the race, Biden appears poised to become the Democratic nominee for November’s election. 

However, recent events, including a Justice Department report regarding his mishandling of classified documents and a press conference aimed at mitigating the fallout, have intensified concerns about his mental suitability for the role.




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